The Right Words

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

This poem (The Zoom Zoom) by amazing writer Penny Goring from her forthcoming book, reminded me of a poem I wrote a long long time ago (But I can’t). It was so long ago that I would call it part of my ‘juvenalia’ if I had a decent body of work that I had built up since then. Instead of all these scraps of paper, words half spoken, images stuck in my head or lost in the wind. But here it is anyway. The only thing the poems really have in common I can put my finger on is they both make a reference to ‘the right words’. But unlike me, Penny knows  ‘the right words’ and her poem is more triumphant as a result.

‘We know the right words – we know exactly what we are doing, and it works, every time’ -Penny Goring,  The Zoom Zoom

But I can’t

I want to
get high on your love-
kiss the life out of you,
wrench a heart from its resting place.
You’re not safe when I’m around
and round we merry go round
the sweet abandon of children.

I want to
touch you till it hurts
and I can see pink flesh poking
through the silk skin coating-
a thin veneer of happiness,
covering the obvious patchwork of pain.

I want to
take risks-
It could be our last chance
to do this kind of thing
I’m starting to lose my sense of self
love you see
there are only glimpses of it left.

I want to
construct a poem out of you and me
the finest of artforms,
tripping over their own importance.
I want to
but I can’t
seem to find
the right

  1. Penny Goring says:

    ‘BLOCK CAPITALS on acid’ – love it.

  2. Matt Volatile says:

    Reminds me of one iof my favourite songs – ‘New Noise’ by Refused.

    We lack the motion to move to the new beat

    It’s here for us to admire if we can afford the beauty of it
    Can afford the luxury of turning our heads
    Adjust that thousand dollars smile and behold the creation of man
    Great words won’t cover ugly actions – good frames won’t save bad paintings

    We lack the motion to move to the new beat.
    When the day is over the doors are locked on us
    Money buys the access – and we can’t pay the cost
    And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice?
    We need new noise – new art for the real people

    We dance to all the wrong songs
    We enjoy all the wrong moves
    We dance to all the wrong songs
    We’re not leading…

  3. Matt Volatile says:

    Or, on a similar note, the song whose lyrics I have tattooed on my chest, ‘I Keep Screaming’ by The Nerve Agents:

    Life can be cruel sometimes
    We know it, we’ve felt it, it plays with our minds
    There is no perfection it’s safe to say
    But is there room in your mind for change?
    I know there is and I see you there
    And if it’s only you, It’s all still worth my time!

    I’m not perfect and I’ll never be
    These words I scream, they’re just my beliefs
    Somewhere in my heart I feel
    I’m not alone, and this is valuable time
    I open up my mind to expand my growth
    And if you’re doing the same,
    Then It’s all still worth my time!

    In a world so distraught with chaos and hate
    We scramble for answers, to ease the pain
    It’s a rough road to travel,
    This life that we were given
    But we are out there together,
    and together we are screaming!
    Together we are Screaming…

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