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This is a reminder to myself. About what happens when you go against your nature. Or rather, that which has been imposed and prescribed as your ‘nature’.

It is a reminder that I let the ‘team’ down. I have been called a ‘colluder’ and an ‘Uncle Tom’ and accused of ‘brownnosing’ who? Men? The ‘enemy’? Whilst these terms are rather OTT I understand why they are used.

It is a reminder that when I reject Feminism, I am rejecting ‘where I am from’. I am rejecting my Mother, and her mother. I am rejecting my own identity as a ‘woman’.

‘QRG: The whole world does not exist for you’ someone said.  It’s not all about you. But our struggle to make sense of where we fit in the world is about us. It IS about me.

I don’t know if I can write Anti-Feminist. I don’t know if the author of Anti-Gay could have written Anti-Gay if he had have been born into ‘Gay’ identity politics. His ‘nature’ would have been inscribed on him long before his birth. Before his conception, even. It would have been his ancestory.  I mean, I still feel bad when I have ambivalent thoughts about The Suffragettes. As if somehow I am betraying them too. Like they died for me and what thanks do I give them?

But I need to write something. I can’t just be having other people’s voices ringing in my ears all my life. I thought feminists were supposed to be into women’s autonomy? Their right to choose? Their self-expression.  That is obviously bullshit.  Someone has to call bullshit on that particular lie.

Anyway. I’m confused. I don’t know whether it really matters or not. Whether I really matter or not. Whether my story is just another  comedy routine to go with all the others. Or if it has any value beyond my own little travelling theatre. I never was much one for acting.

I don’t know what to do.

  1. markwoff says:

    Ah, the labellers! Fuhgeddem. ‘Colluder’ indeed. It’s ridiculous.
    I don’t want to do the classic bloke thing of just offering answers to your questions… [BUT hahaha] While needing to write something (of course, here we all are, writing…) do you /need/ to /just/ (as in with exclusive focus) write about feminism or calling bullshit, necessarily? I mean, I’d be really interested to see more of your take on pop/music, for example. Or smut/relationship explorations, as in the pieces from that book you were featured in.
    Never mind ‘Anti’-summat contrarianism, perhaps be ‘Pro’ something?
    Chin up, as me mam’d say.

  2. Tim says:

    Of course they support your autonomy to choose ! But sometimes a choice is so simple and obvious that not taking said choice must be a sign of your incapability to maintain and support yourself, so others might feel responsible to take your choices in your best interest, even if you must be shamed into obedience. /s

  3. J Lam says:

    Feminism is really not comparable to homosexuality.

  4. George says:

    Feminism is such a broad term I think it’s important to specify exactly which aspects/varieties one is so opposed to.

    I find the terms “gender feminism” and “equity feminism” useful in making it clear who are the real villains.

  5. Clarebear says:

    Newsflash! The feminist blogosphere is alight with pieces all about how outrageous it is that Quiet Riot Girl isn’t a feminist. They’ve officially decided those little things like a woman’s right to self-expression and autonomy count for nothing when she commits the terrible crime of not agreeing with them. Quick! It’s up to you to stop them Quiet Riot Girl!

    Look, you can hardly be surprised if feminists aren’t falling over themselves to accommodate you when you go round yelling about what a great anti-feminist you are but this doesn’t mean they don’t respect your right to hold whatever opinions you want and create your own little corner (as they have) to express them however you please. Instead of going “Wah! Feminists don’t think I have the right not to be a feminist!” have you considered that they might think nothing of the sort?

    You admit in another post that you aren’t being literally silenced because you can say what you want here. Well, it’s true. No-one’s stopping you. I doubt if anyone’s going to be calling the police or trying to get you shut you down, and if they try they won’t get too far because you truly do have the full human right not to be a feminist. Really.

  6. gee thanks Clare. got any more nuggets of amazing news for me? you really light up the room.

  7. Clarebear says:

    I get it. It’s not news for you because you pretty much believe that’s what’s happening and that it’s somehow what feminists think about you. Get real. Please.

  8. Clarebear says:

    Well, I think we both know that’s not true but you’re as free to not share it as you are to not be a feminist so that’s cool.

    • I genuinely don’t. as this post was nothing to do with what I think feminists will think of me. I don’t write for them. It was a personal post. But thanks anyway. Do you have anything else to add any light on the situation or are you just here to make snide remarks? Because I am not in the mood. Thanks.

  9. Clarebear says:

    It came across to me that the post was about whether feminists are against you having the right not to be a feminist:

    “I thought feminists were supposed to be into women’s autonomy? Their right to choose? Their self-expression. That is obviously bullshit. Someone has to call bullshit on that particular lie.”

    That seemed to tie in with all your usual talk in other posts about how badly feminists conduct themselves and how much you think they suck in comparison to your way of doing things.

    • as you can see ive had some dealings with ‘feminists’ just these past few days which have borne out all my previous opinions. if anyone wanted to prove me wrong they had the chance. but whatever. Like I said this wasn’t a conversation with feminists it was about my own situation.

  10. Clarebear says:

    What dealings? It sounds cryptic. I haven’t seen anything here that somehow proves you right but maybe I’ve not seen it.

  11. Clarebear says:

    The whole feminist movement can’t be held responsible for the behaviour of some feminists and to say they can implies an irrational prejudice. I expect you’d say the same thing about some feminists’ attitudes towards men. Equality for all, right?

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