Feminism is Stalinism

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Feminism, Freedom of Speech, Gender Violence, Uncategorized
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I had some adventures in Stalinism, I mean feminism yesterday and today. I may well write about them in more detail at a later date. It is no coincidence that all my interactions, which involved me getting blocked from ANOTHER feminist blog, and being called an ‘asshole’, and a ‘contrarian’ and a ‘troll’, were to do with discussions about rape and rape law and reporting of rape in the media.  RAPE- IT KEEPS FEMINISM ALIVE

But here is a conversation I have just had on twitter. I would be interested to hear your observations about how it progresses and what that may say about feminist discourse…

  1. Heather says:

    I do agree with you on this one QRG. We hear the word rape and make all sorts of assumptions, or perhaps more accurately only one assumption. The laws in Sweden differ from ours so the assumption of what the word rape means must also shift. You are correct that Benn was perhaps unwise to tread along the line he did but the word ‘rape’ can indeed cover ‘a number of complex situations’.

    • It wasn’t in my view the most controversial statement in the world! But this topic is full of tensions and most people have some kind of ‘agenda’ in talking about Assange. Possibly me included. I just try and keep a bit more level-headed.

  2. Gs says:

    like it or not, it is only the specifics of the ‘Assange case’ which have created this confusion.

    1. Swedens law is vague, if not downright weird. What if the condom during consensual sex breaks, the couple both realize it, the woman wants to stop, but the man keeps going?


    2. Laws don’t generally settle disputes except to the particulars of a case. This case, apparently, has a lot of questions about the motives of the women involved which makes any judgement of rape suspicious.

  3. arctic_jay says:

    I think that type of response is revealing. Imagine losing faith in the entirety of humanity based on one fucking tweet exchange with a stranger. Not a good sign of mental stability.

  4. elflojo84 says:

    It’s semantics for fucks sake. That’s not to say it isn’t important, but to be totally closed to discussion over where the meaning of one phrase ends and the meaning of another begins … it’s not like you said “rape isn’t such a big deal and victims should stop whining about it” or something equally indefensible.

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