Whip Me

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I would.  Whip you. If I really had to. I have tried to imagine hurting someone, consensually, picking up some implement a crop or a whip or a cane. And even in my imagination I find it hard. My hand gets heavy and when I pull my arm up everything slows down and I can’t bring myself to strike the blow. And I think of how I have found it so easy to be the recipient, whether or not it was my choice or my agreement it was still easy. It is easier in a way not to consent to violence. The responsibility is totally taken out of your hands. But I can’t even then remember the other person and what they did the moment they moved and aimed and struck. I only remember the sound and the pain. I don’t think I will ever manage to do it the other way round. Unless someone makes me. But that defeats the object.

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  2. Well, personally I’m not into S&M, M&M’s is a different story….

    Though I might tickle torture the right lady…..

    But then again, you got all those Mangina’s and Feminazi’s saying penetrative consensual sex between a man and a woman is a patriarchical act of violence….

    So I guess I must be Sadist Dominant Patriarchical (sic) Enforcer with a Boner…..

  3. It was pondering this sort of thing that led me to write this story (it’s long – it expanded to over 11.5k words because I kept getting new ideas to include…). Except that in that story, I did find an objective for it that wasn’t defeated by the process.

  4. Fissure says:

    I probably wouldn’t be any good with a whip in an S&M situation either. While I am excited by both sex and violence I enjoy the former in a loving manner and the latter in a hateful manner. As such I imagine I would no more enjoy hurting someone I love than I would fucking someone I hate.

  5. elflojo84 says:

    I can see the attraction of that sort of thing, but I’ve never been attracted by the extreme end. I like the ‘vanilla’ side of violence [wrong word I think, but can't think of a better one] in sex, I like pulling hair, spanking etc, but there’s a definite line which, even fully consensually, I couldn’t bring myself to cross. I couldn’t properly whip someone I don’t think, I certainly couldn’t bruise or draw blood

  6. Papi50 says:

    Fleur once told me she is “coming to terms” with how vanilla I am. But we bought a lovely whip and I’m learning to use it. The thing is, she likes to be hit hard. I started out just flicking it — like in “Jenna Loves Pain,” easy drags and flutters. But NOoooooooo! She wants me to rear back and throw some muscle into it. This isn’t really in my nature, but we’re learning. There is a cross at one of the sex clubs we go to, and we’re trying to decide if we’re going to hook her up to it and do this in front of other people. I was such a good boy before I met her. I swear!

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