Hipster Thighs

Posted: February 15, 2011 in metrosexuality, Uncategorized, Writing
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In Williamsburgh, surrounded by Hipster thighs,

Stuffed into breeches, and boots with loose laces,

(the tongues hanging out-like thirsty dogs)

I wonder what’s behind those vacant eyes.

Flat buttocks that seem too weak to hold them down

Skinny chicken legs that could not mount a pony,

(Let alone  my rearing stallion),  these spindly stick figures

Fill  every space with their lack.  Our shiny, sexless town

Is  asking me  where all the real men went?

Those lithe, muscular bodies, smelling of hay, I chased

On the prairies of memory.  The   wilderness of  youth

Has left  me stranded, a wild horse caught in an urban lament.

  1. Mark says:

    A lovely panegyric to hams.

  2. I don’t really know what the point of that particular type of skinny hipster is. Sexually. I am not sure who they are supposed to attract.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by The Curator, Elly . Elly said: https://quietgirlriot.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/hipster-thighs/ New Poem: Hipster Thighs #maybeshite […]

  4. elflojo84 says:

    I think they are supposed to attract ornamental girls for whom a boyfriend is an ornament.

    Or, I’m being totally unfair and prejudiced. People of that ilk never seem to strike me as really interested in sex though, but to conventional to not have some sort of sex life; maybe they just experience and think of sex in a different way to me

  5. Mark says:

    Hipsterism is a highly studied rejection of sexiness and sex because sexiness and sex is uncool. Which is why the rest of us are interested in it. But hipsters of course are above all of that.

    Which is why they are beneath my radar.

    • I have had sex with an (ageing) hipster. It probably was the fact he wasnt the youngest hippest hipster that made it possible. But it wasn’t my finest hour.

      We were walking through Arsenal tube station and my holdups started to fall down. Anyone else would have laughed. He was just mortified at the uncoolness of me.

  6. Mark says:

    (Though the one in the blue t-shirt and beanie does seem to be looking at the slightly frumpy hipster lady’s arse.)

  7. Stoner With A Boner says:


    I don’t see what’s so bad about Hipsters….

    There were Beatniks, MODS, Hippies, Headbangers, Grunge….

    Whatever, maybe just a bit of rebellion against metrosexuals with a distrust of parents and government. Who can blame them with all the divorce, wars and shitty economy.

    If they have any unifying theme it would be technology. Cell phones, video games, Web 2.0.

    They’ve got the most access to porn and sex education in the history of mankind.

    Also a “movement” that can’t really be identified seems like hope to me. It allows for uncoded masculinty that doesn’t adhere to conformity-or that term I don’t like but find myself using often-hegemonic masculinity. The fact you can’t identify a type seems like a good thing… a move towards individuality-ironically from the most media soaked generation ever.

  8. Stoner With A Boner says:

    Well either way I have no problemo with Hipsters….


    that’s just WRONG!!!!

  9. Yeah, stick to the good stuff:Guiness, Stone IPA, Newcastle Brown Ale, Green Flash….

    or just drink h2O

  10. Seriously, I have hipster thighs up to the eyes in my NYC.

  11. Papi50 says:


    Haha! I’m confused about the way you all use the word. I’m teaching a course this summer called “The Birth of the Cool,” and think that “hipsters” in the 40s and 50s meant hyper-sexual men who, like the beats, kept fucking each other’s wives. Besides the white-boy writers, the word also applied to musicians like Miles, Bird, Monk, Charlie Christian, Chet Baker, Jerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz (who made the original “The Birth of the Cool” album with Miles when they both were 19). Didn’t the word get coined in Harlem in the 20s to refer to white people going uptown to do pelvic dancing? Anyway, these kids look like they’re trying something else, and so maybe y’all mean it differently.

    QRG — I see you’ve had some continuation on the Pool Hall Guy thread. This post makes me think that a lot of what you object to in feminism has to do with a sense of “intellect” that expresses itself in alienation from and rejection of a world that is intellectually inferior. This seems to be the pathos of higher learning in the US. I mentioned Katie Perry in one of my classes yesterday and got a big snigger from the “smart” students, who wanted to let me know they’re not seduced by the voice, the hair and the big rack (I totally am!). There’s something right in this: intellect means you develop critical skills, and that in turn means you reject some things. I think the first hipsters (not hippies) were actually trying to affirm things and to expand the boundaries of the white post-war mainstream. But I COULD be wrong!


  12. Thats some interesting background to ‘hipsters’ P, thanks!

    Well the fact is P, I think most feminists are pretty dumb. So it is not ‘intellect’ that I object to but a certain kind of supposed ‘intellectual snobbery’ on the part of some feminists wherby they dont respect men, especially but also women, who they consider to be kind of ‘trashy’. I’d say it was more of a class thing than an intellect thing, even if the feminists think of it as relating to their amazing intellects.

  13. Elise says:

    When Mark “passes” that essay I sent him for publication, you’ll see that I totally agree on the hipster rejection of masculinity. Which, even though I would be theoretically attracted to hipsters (similar tastes, and at least they usually read, though usually books that I’m TOO INTELLECTUAL FOR), leaves me, let’s just say, frustrated where most of them are concerned. Although there will always be some hipster indie musician who’s launched on an anti-indie project to reclaim sexuality (currently, Kevin Barnes of of Montreal makes one). Basically, as the essay may make clear (or, alternatively, obfuscate), I sympathize with the hipster’s historical project to reject masculinity, but in terms of my sexual prospects, it leaves me with few options (because I’m also totally uninterested in abs and pecs).

  14. Elise says:

    Oh and: re skinny jeans, I couldn’t care less if guys wear them or not, I just like them on ME. (I think it’s the teeniest bit gender-bending, and may be for the guys as well.)

    And re male thighs, once when I took an undergrad art history class that the professor (a woman) was trying to smother in sexless poststructuralist theory, I just about fainted from a close-up slide of David’s (Michelangelo’s) thighs. I exclaimed out loud, leading another young woman in the class to admire his pecs. But it was all the thighs for me. However, I think that was because they’re so femininely voluptuous!

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