ABC of Anarchy (or QRG is an unruly girl)

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

To whom have you decided to look for advice, leadership and guidance?


Describe a time you corrected or questioned someone who had more experience than you.

Experience of what? Life? What constitutes an experience?

  1. This one made me think about who I look up to and when I’ve questioned them. It also made me think of a certain teacher that I had in high school who made me cry on multiple occasions, but who was still one of the best darn teachers I’ve ever had.

  2. brianheagney says:

    Hi, I can’t tell if your question was sarcastic or not, but because I see what you mean about “experience”, I’d like to better explain where I was coming from on that last question:

    I was in my younger twenties, on a road trip with some friends, and our front hood would not close. As we were examining our open hood at a gas station, a trucker came over and was offering some help, because he had claimed to know a little something about the mechanics of a car.

    So he stood there for a while, and offered a few suggestions, all involving a lot of work, or taking it into a shop.

    Then I saw a rubber gasket type thing, that looked like it would be getting in the way of the hood closing properly, and I said, “do you think it could be that little rubber thing getting in the way?” And the trucker said, “No, it’s not that.”

    So, it’s like ten minutes later, and he’s still telling us all the things we’d have to do to get it checked out…and I said, “I think I’m going to move that little rubber thing and see if the hood closes.”

    I moved it, the hood closed properly, the trucker walked away.

    So, by “experience” I was meaning that you can be a complete newb, and yet have better ideas than an expert, in any given field.

    Anyway thanks for posting with an image from ABC’s of Anarchy!

    – Brian Heagney (author/illustrator of the book)

    • Hi Brian I love the ABC of anarchy.

      I wasn’t being sarcastic but rather making a comment on how I have always questioned authority to the point that I even question its existence, the existence of ‘greater experience’…

      I think we could learn a lot from asking children more questions.

  3. brianheagney says:

    Also, here are some more links for previewing the book:

    QRG, don’t feel the need to approve this comment if you fee like it’s too much of a commercial, just wanted to post in case anyone was interested.

    Nice blog by the way.

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