In Defence Of…Eminem

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Eminem, Feminism, Gender Violence, Uncategorized
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Sady Doyle also seems to hate Eminem (see previous post: In Defence of…Katy Perry).

Here’s why:

‘My first solo, Tori-and-a-piano show was in 2001. Which was the year when she started playing “Me and a Gun,” at every show, again, specifically as a reaction to the popularity of pro-rape, known-lady-abuser Eminem. And opened every show with a terrifying, domestic-abuse-focused version of his “‘97 Bonnie and Clyde.”’

So what is this- pop music as a gender war? I like Tori Amos’ music, but not if she uses it to make slurs about other artists, who have nothing to do with her.

Sure, everyone has written the occasional outrageous break up song. That is the privilege of being a musician. Nick Cave wrote a whole album after his split with PJ Harvey, that didn’t make her sound like the nicest person in the world. I write grim poems about my exes. BUT doing cover versions of an artist who she doesn’t know personally, with a view to showing them up as what? A rapist? An abuser? Not so cool.

And then Doyle is using both Eminem and Tori Amos, in some personal mission against the world. She is more than a douchebag. She’s a piece of work.

I wouldn’t care except she is occupying the moral highground on abortion laws in America at the moment, and making out anyone who doesn’t support her is a bastard. A misogynist. An apologist for rape and neglect of women:

Eminem will be no stranger to this kind of thing.

But that’s all the more reason to draw attention to it.

FUCK THIS SHIT as Emi might say himself.

  1. joannapingky says:

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  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by The Curator, Elly . Elly said: New Post: In defence of…Eminem another challenge to @sadydoyle […]

  3. Jenny says:

    What do you disagree with her regarding abortion?

    • I am pro-choice.

      What I disagree with is the tone of the campaign.

      Both Moore and Me, and Dear John, address an individual, powerful man. They make it a personal issue and give that man too much power.

      Also they make assumptions that there is no discussion to be had about how we define ‘rape’ whereas I think there needs to be that discussion (not in relation to free abortion-I htink that should be universally available).

  4. heres one of my posts on rape, Jenny. It takes a bit of explaining…

  5. Elise says:

    Spamming you back! Since when is Eminem pro-rape? I’m trying to even think of a song where he has a pro-rape stance, other than as a passing provocation. There must BE some, but I’m blanking. On the other hand, he’s got several songs where he threatens to kill women. So, if you’re not going to take into account the difference between artist and work, why not go ahead and call him “pro-women-killing”? Also – since when is he a “known lady-abuser”? (I bet he wishes he ever abused his ex-wife – or is she his wife again – IRL.) Maybe I missed some pop culture gossip, but last I heard, Chris Brown was the rapper with a known record of “lady abuse.”

    I can’t explain to you why I love “Bitch Ima Kill You” so much. Eminem just does visceral rage so well (I think only Courtney Love compares, maybe Patti Smith at times), I don’t really care who the (fictive) “victim” of his rage is. It’s vicarious fun.

    • I don’t know any of the gossip about Eminem except his marriage was ‘violent’. I expect that is what they are referring to-and the ‘Love the way you lie’ song that finishes with him fantasising about burning the house down with her inside it.

      I think there were a lot of suggestions that he was violent to his ex wife, but also counter-rumours that she was actually the perpetrator of the violence.

      Like you say though, what’s that got to do with pop songs? Nick Cave writes about killing women all the time. But he has also been called, at least, a misogynist.

      I think it is a class issue. Cave is supported by the middle class rock music media. Eminem isn’t.

  6. apparently his song ‘stay wide awake’ is about rape. I don’t know it.

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