I’m Losing My Edge

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Elly Tams

(I wrote this before the 2010 general election in the UK. It still represents how I feel. So what gives?)

I’m losing my edge.

The suits are coming up from behind.

I’m losing my edge to the suits and the non-doms.

But I was there.

I was there in 1979 I was there when Thatcher was still ‘the milk snatcher’.

I’m losing my edge.

I’m losing my edge to the geeks with the i-phones whose footsteps I can hear when they walk into starbucks.

I’m losing my edge to the internet seekers who have 4,000 songs on their i-pods the hipsters who wear suits for their day jobs

I’m losing my edge.

To all the kids who can’t remember John Major: with his underpants outside his trousers.

I was there in 1992 when he was superman.

I’m losing my edge.

But I was there in 1983 when Michael Foot preached socialism, and some of the kids still listened.

I was there in 1986 when Red Wedge played Birmingham Odeon.

Billy Bragg and The Communards, paying tribute to El Lissitsky.

I was the kid with the back-combed hair and the CND badge, singing along to My Ever Changing Moods with The Style Council.

I was there in 1987 when Kinnock fucked it up By kicking out Militant and LPYS, the socialists, the cool kids and me.

But I was there.

I’ve never been wrong.

I used to march on Whitehall, I remember Bruce Kent and Tony Benn.

I taped General Public’s benefit for the miners at Birmingham University

I went to Glastonbury before anyone.

I saw Ian Dury and the Blockheads there.

I woke up with a hangover in Sheffield in 1997 .

Blair was staring with his wild eyes and grinning: ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

But I’m losing my edge to richer, better-groomed people with no ideas and no talent.

They tell me they are really, really nice.

But I don’t believe them.

I remember the Falklands.

I remember the Gulf War.

I remember Afghanistan and Iraq.

I’ve never been wrong.

I’m losing my edge.

And I was there in 2001 when I gave up on politics and turned to music instead.

Suddenly I was hanging out with the the cool kids.

I listened to Original Pirate Material in my bedsit in Meersbrook.

I argued with my friends about’Stories from the city, stories from the sea’.

I said it could never be better than Rid of Me.

I’ve never been wrong.

I saw Pulp’s farewell gig at Magna in Rotherham.

Jarvis was God for one night only and we all missed the tram home.

I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Brixton Academy, I saw Low and The Dears and Ambulance Ltd.

I thought I was in New York.

But I’m losing my edge.

I hear that you and your crew have sold your decks and bought i-pods

I hear that you and your crew have sold your i-pods and bought decks

I hear that everybody you know is more powerful than everybody I know.

But I’m losing my edge.

The suits are coming up from behind.

It’s 2010 and I don’t know what’s hip anymore.

When I was a kid I knew the words to The Internationale.

Now the kids quote Justin Beiber as if he was Gramsci.

I still have The Pixies, Bonny Prince Billy, Gillian Welch, New Young Pony Club, Le Tigre, L7, I still have Blondie and LCD Soundsystem, The Beat, Hot Chip, Lambchop, Jens Leckman.

It’s 2010 I’m not going to vote.

The hipsters in suits have got blood on their hands.

You don’t know what you really want.

  1. Very nice! I somehow doubt you’ll ever lose your edge:)

  2. Hello quiet, fuckin bloody brilliant, your last post fuckyeah, sounds more heart and more soul and someone very nice and real in there, the most open and nice no bollocks stuff have read for a while, stripped back to the free spirit you really are, it moved me, it did, it feels right, i fuckin loved it quiet. catch l8trs for more possible butting of heads, well cool babes.

  3. This is great. I think Uh Huh Her might have got better than Rid of Me …

    • thanks. It’s an argument I’d be prepared to have, but I don’t know if I’d agree! She got much slicker production-wise over time, but I loved the rawness of Rid of Me and Dry.

  4. I am listening to it and its marvellous.

    Her production levels have got slicker, and her arrangements more complex which is grand. But sometimes I want her to lose it totally and to get all guttural again like in Rid of Me.

    But still this woman has been going for twenty years now and has never made a duff record. She kicks Lady Gaga’s ass out of town.

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