Looking For You

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
Looking for you,
I search my inbox to see if you have paid a visit.
I could be standing outside your door in the cold,
Or running down my stairs checking for mail.
Desperate to see that familiar handwriting,
Your signature avatar on my timeline.
I hear a ‘ping’ and I dash to my laptop
Only to find another offer of viagra. Or a note from my sister.
(What does she want now?)
I peek through your letterbox, wondering if you are hiding
Pretending you are not in. Keeping your status as ‘invisible’
So I don’t bother you today. But I am going round the back of your house,
Throwing stones at your bedroom window.
Leaving you @s, in front of everyone,
Embarrassing missives without replies.
Maybe you have friended someone else.
Or signed up to a dating site I’m not registered on,
Where I can’t read your IMs, where you haven’t favourited me.
Your blog is eerily quiet. You haven’t been there for days
Unread post is congregating in your porch. There’s a musty scent of absence.
The lawn is getting out of hand, and
My comments, they look like messages in bottles, washed up on the beach.
I half expect to read a tweet, announcing you have died.
Or, worse than that,
You are offline.
  1. I think we all know this feeling (whether we like to admit it or not). Happy new year to you, Sociological Sexual Sojourner.

  2. Bitter-sweet and very beautiful… nothing else I can say.

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