The real lives of homos

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Masculinities, Uncategorized

GAY people don’t just have weddings and loft appartments. They also fuck. Hard.

The thing I like best about this picture is the way the man is gripping the other man’s buttocks so tightly, his thumbs pressing into the flesh, to give extra resistance. I have tended to find straight guys a bit tentative when it comes to anal. I wish they would be as definite about what they are doing as the guy in this photo. Sometimes I wish a gay man would do me.  Gay men seem to know what to do!

This blog will continue to showcase pornography, as long as pornography continues to be a problem.

Not safe for puritans.

  1. Mark says:

    I like the way the bottom is gripping the carpet with one hand and his cock with t’other.

  2. We are both obviously focussing more on the one we want to do/be done by… it is possibly impossible to look at porn without putting yourself in the scene. I try. But I don’t know if I manage it

  3. rustyscruff says:

    oh!…i need some big buckles and a shaker style kitchen, pronto!…no, not really…i’m rooting for the bang-at-it guy…i fact, my teeth are grinding a bit…i think i’ll end this comment…

  4. I WISH I WAS A GAYER! I would just bum all the time.

  5. Alex says:

    Don’t forget though, they also fuck gently. Or a bit too hard and they have to stop, and then they realise they’re missing the beginning of Doctor Who and decide to do it later, and then kick themselves for having missed the moment. Sometimes it gets really lacklustre and one falls asleep.

  6. Mark says:

    They’re all the wrong guys.

  7. if they were the right guy, you’d have to marry him.

    I like wrong guys.

  8. Also is that a bottle of lube at the side of the photo? Nice detail.

  9. Alex-I am glad you are not then. there are enough boring gays in the world already.

  10. popups_cockups says:

    gay sex life, is really unbelievable in how bad they are at sex, right the problem ancient greek male beauty and sex, but to them, gay sex these days is not male, anal sex is demeaning mens sex is about cock. men have obsession with sucking is only men can understand because only then do you reach amazing orgasms its masculine beauty gay sex is obsessed with anal, anti male, not male bonding, its understanding and loving cock, full lips and not to big but nice, andy sugdens lips ideal and very very sexual. sexuality now is all over the place.

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