Reading between the lines

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I said you wouldn’t write, but you did.

Proving once more my endless lack of faith.

Your words were few. I know how hard it would have been;

I was always the one who would tell you what to say.

You said you were sorry for my loss

And nothing more. But I read between the lines,

I found a whole cavern of grief in the spaces on the page-

These years we have spent apart have left us less.

And we have filled our lives with words spoken to the wrong people.

I speak to you now in my head, as if it is you that is dead,

And I am reading a card ‘in deepest sympathy’ from someone else.















  1. Fenner Pearson says:

    I’m not a huge poetry fan for a whole host of reasons but I loved this. Economical, poignant, well-written and moving.

    There is so much between the lines of the poem, which in turn (*obviously*) is about reading between the lines. It’s not self-referential, it’s not ironic: is there a word for it?

  2. I think the word might just be ‘poetic’. Poetry brings to the fore the importance of the relation between form and content. if it doesn’t it isn’t poetry.

  3. This is a good study of human space. Those moments of finding caverns of grief in page spaces and living lives filled with words spoken to the wrong people are never easy.

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