This Is The New Gay Order

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

– a small cock.

‘I find OKCupid’s statistical analyses of cyber-sexual behavior consistently fascinating and a useful organization of data that would otherwise just sit there.  I also find the phrase “gay sexual recklessness” extremely, unfortunately moralizing.  There’s a big difference between being sexually promiscuous and being sexually reckless, and it’s precisely the conflation of absolute quantity with immanent significance which distinguishes morality from ethics.  In other words, having “reckless” sex with one partner can fuck you up a lot more than having “careful” sex with lots of partners, and that’s something each and every one of us would do well to keep in mind’.


But just focussing for a moment on that survey by OK cupid, and also disregarding the fact he has alluded to it ages after it came out, and has failed to take into account any of the many critiques of it that appeared in the media, let’s look at what he says:

‘having ‘reckless’ sex with one partner can fuck you up a lot more than having ‘careful’ sex with lots of partners’…

I think Mr Fuck Theory is like the other side of the ‘New Gay Order’ from Donna Savage. Whilst Donna represents the respectable, basically monogamous, married, parental Gay, Mr Fuck Theory is the pre-monogamous, respectable, married, parental gay. He is fucking around, being promiscuous, being part of that mythical ‘2%’ of gay men who have a large chunck of the ‘gay sex’, because he is young and handsome and has a big dick so of course he is getting loads of sex. But he is being ‘careful’ because he is intelligent, and responsible, and one day might want to settle down with another intelligent, responsible gay man. So he won’t be like stupid, reckless people, who fall in love with the wrong person, or get beaten up, or catch STIs, no, he is a Good Gay. A Successful Gay. A Real Gay.

How did I read all that into one line of text you may ask? Well I didn’t. I have been reading this person’s writing for quite a while now, I still find it somehow compelling. Like going back to the scene of a crime, a crime in which I was a bystander who got hit by some flying debris. Or something. I think I have his number. There are plenty like him around. < hahahahahaha at least we know Professor Doctor Master Overlord Fuck Theory reads his critics. But then he knows we read him too. But mainly for the Lulz these days…

  1. this may be a bit insane on my part.

    BUT this man is a ‘professor’ of philosophy and should be able to spot a dud survey when he sees one, rather than finding the source ‘consistently fascinating’ for data on sexuality.

    and he is suggesting he is in that magical ‘2%’ of promiscuous gays. But in a ‘careful’ way.

    I rest my case. I just feel like I may be a bit mental in making it in the first place.

  2. Fenner Pearson says:

    “which distinguishes morality from ethics” – I thought ethics was the science of morality. How do you distinguish between them?

  3. I have no idea. I dare you to go over to Mr Fuck Theory’s site and ask him!

  4. I can’t, as he blocks and deletes all my comments!

    • Fenner Pearson says:

      Hm, so he’s intellectually intolerant and a cursory glance at his site shows he can’t use a spell-checker. I think I’ll leave him be: other stuff to be getting on with 🙂

  5. not great qualities for a teacher, hey?

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