Sex Education: Bad for your health?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am not going to launch into an attack of sex education across the board. I will save that for another day. But for now, here is a gem I found on twitter on World Aids Day no less:

‘Anyone can get HIV. Anal sex is the easiest way, sharing needles, vaginal sex, oral sex all make the grade.’

This is a blatant untruth, if not a deliberate lie. Anal sex is not the ‘easiest way’ to get HIV. The ‘easiest’ way, if you want to look at it like that, is probably by simply being born with the infection, as thousands of babies are each year. And sharing needles is shown to be a higher-risk than other means of contraction.

BUT, and here the – yes I will use the word- homophobia of the above statement is illustrated:

ANAL SEX itself does not cause HIV. Unprotected anal sex, with an HIV- infected partner, is an activity that carries a risk of infection.

I am tired of being lectured about sex and sexual health and even sexual morality, by people who either don’t know what they are talking about or who aim to mislead and marginalise many people.

Sex education my arse.

  1. Alison says:

    A 20-something female walked up to Sexpression during Fresher’s Week and asked whether she could have “AIDS”. Why? Because she’d had protected “bum sex” with her non-infected partner.

  2. the thing that bugs me is how sex educators say they are trying to eradicate ignorance around sex/sexual health when actually sometimes/often they are spreading ignorance.

    and in my book the biggest cause of STIs and anxiety and unhappiness is… ignorance.

  3. Mark says:

    I think she probably meant that tweet to reassure herself that: ‘Avoiding anal sex is the easiest way of avoiding HIV’.

    I remember very well in the 1980s – when of course, ONLY homosexuals had anal sex and Aids was a GAY PLAGUE – that scads of people, many of them writing for national newspapers, thought that AIDS was literally caused by the unnaturalness of anal sex. Which, anyway, was just a metaphor for the unnaturalness of homosexuality. ‘Arse Injected Death Syndrome’ wasn’t a joke. For many, this was a statement of objective, scientific fact.

  4. at least I didnt grow up thinking that. I was a teen and not sexually active and if I’d have tweeted something to reassure myself of my own fears and prejudices I think I might have said

    ‘Sex causes AIDS’

    It certainly was high on my list of excuses to put off the dreaded act.

  5. Mark says:

    Actually, the famous tombstone ads basically countered the ‘gay plague’ prejudice with the ‘sex causes AIDS’ paranoia.

    Quentin Crisp put you off sex.

  6. But he didn’t put me off homos! He should have tried a bit harder.

  7. I have to say of all the people I know, those who seem the most ‘into’ or interested in sex tend to be the most ambivalent about it, once you get talking to them.

    Some people think of me, because of my blog and my interests, as a ‘sex person’ who is totally liberated and probably a wanton harlot.

    The truth is so far from that image I wonder what is this ‘monster’ I have created. And why.

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