Metro Man Is Armed and Dangerous

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yeah, I stay laced.

But I also stay strapped.

I always keep the biscuit on me.

It’s the only way.

I can get a holster fade on my New Cures.

And that machete ain’t for looks, kid.

This blade has spilled the blood.

Of a thousand ill placed Rugby patches.

A seam ripper is a man’s best friend.

Along with a smart phone and a ruler.

So you can measure your inseam.

And simultaneously tweet about trouser break.


  1. hmm says:

    So, it ‘s quite obvious for some time now and recent news items have finally made a connection for me and my weak brain:

    All this terrorism terrorization by western governments onto their citizens,
    is not about jihadis at all. Aside from how inefficient it is and perhaps helps jihadism.

    It’s about destroying what’s left of male aggression in the west. Any rebellious spirit must be stamped out by the hegemony of rational behavior, which is basically just, be a nice human and cooperate when you’re asked, so long as it doesn’t endanger your career and selfish wealth acquisition, why would you “rationally” resist it?

    Now that we’re all polite, well groomed and supersexually desexed in our sexualization, let’s us Westerners all start politely blowing each other away.
    I think . IT. is time enough.

  2. Indeed. But you gotta have the right tools. They have to be steezy!

  3. I always try to keep the biscuit on me, but it’s a seabiscuit Does that count?

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