Gay Whores

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

So ‘gay’ used to mean ‘whore’ and ‘gays’ really do have a lot in common with ‘whores’ – the way the history of homosexual sex has often been to do with ‘trade’ and how men meet other men for sex in quite ‘transactional’ ways even if nobody gets paid, and how gay men have traditionally been vulnerable to attacks and violence, just like whores have, and how prejudice and hatred has meant some illnesses that have been prevalent among gay men and whores have gone without enough care or public health services, and how this  has led to both gay men and whores becoming very knowledgeable and responsible about sexual health, and how gay men and whores have been criminalised, and how the spaces they occupy have been regulated and policed, and how they have had their own ‘districts’,  and how they have been the subjects of depictions in art and literature as interesting cases of their gender, how they threaten the dominant norms of masculinity and femininity and how the words have blurred and changed over time and how there are so many words for each one: slut, slag, slapper, hooker, tart, meat, fag, queen, bitch, twink, pansy, homo, whore, gay.

What I wish is that queer historians and theorists, instead of saying that women don’t have a history of sexuality like gay men do, because women were all locked up in the domestic sphere (except for the whores), I wish they had made the link the comparison between the history and geography, the ‘ontology’ and epistemology of being a ‘whore’ and being a ‘homo’.

And I wish feminists, who on the whole don’t give a shit about either whores or gays (they have that in common too), could have found a way to examine how both have pushed the edges of gender out from the centre and have challenged what it means to be a man or a woman and have offered us great examples of revolutionary figures.

I wish you’d made these links.

I can see the links and I have not been looking for very long, or very hard.

It would have changed the course of history maybe.

  1. rusty scruff says:

    They saw the link, they saw it. For one reason or another the prostitute-homosexual link has been ignored, and in some cases amended, in others erased like an embarassing stain. For instance, Magdalene the first follower of Christ. I was taught that she WAS a prostitute when Christ first encountered her. Then a few years later the church image makers declared her a ‘repentant’ prostitute. Later, I remember her being described as something akin to a childrens party planner. Thus erasing the super-star prostitute from history, along with the Magdalene/Christ relationship, the first apostle and probably his most devoted, or more or less (they wont tell us, but they know, you know). Whatever it was, the bond was strong, traces of it still remain for those interested in truth. Any alliance of ‘undesirable’ elements in society, that strenghthened or protected each party, will be attacked by a clean, sane and moral culture. It stands to reason, duality is strength, two heads better than one, show me yours and i’ll show you mine, mutually beneficial arrangements all. In general, individuals are easier to kill than groups. Its simple maths. They saw the link.

  2. hmm says:

    please provide book (or, ..ugh,… “article”) sources to demonstrate how the link has been seen.

    Jeezus! What an idea ! I was going to start getting resentful at all the navel gazing of psychological culture theory and BAM this baby has wings.

    Just another thing for me to add to the pile of to do massivities that won’t get done!

    I, indeed, have access to a large university library system. Where there are to be found several large histories of prostitution by general historians. And some berk queer theory too.
    Race you ….

  3. Mark says:

    Today’s gays are by and large the last people who want their whorish history ‘outed’ – having gone to so much trouble to make themselves respectable and become honest women. The polite mendacity of ‘Milk’ and Stonewall’s obsession with trying to ban the ‘bad’ usage of the word ‘gay’ seems to be the culmination of that process.

  4. oh. gay is a former (now hopefully married and happy) whore. homosexual is a weird definition for a behaviour difficult to classify (same cream, different hole, no kids?). is civilization the progress (sometimes backwards) in facing the instincts we are? and religion the black corner where we hide the rubbish?

  5. Hmm- I think Rusty scruff is saying, as Mark is probably too, that the links have been noted and deliberately ignored. So there wont be loads of articles linking whores and gays.

    There are some examples I have found particularly amusing, where a writer has come absoultely head-on with the inescapable similarities/overlaps in whores and gays histories and then has swerved majestically out of the way.

    The best Ive read was in a book about the history of urban queers called ‘queer sites’ by david higgs, (ROutledge).
    The intro has a paragraph which says ‘why male-centred?’
    and the answer given is that a) women and girls were subject to curfews in most cities, historically, so they simply did not exist as sexual beings in the city (Unless they were whores) and b) therefore there is more information about men so the authors focussed on men

    I think what they meant was a) as queer theorists we are only really interested in male homos and b) we don’t want anything to do with those dirty, boring, female whores.

    • rusty scruff says:

      Thank you..yes, thats exactly what I meant. Even if it was written, its still a long way to being published unedited. I say the link was seen because its obvious. Another reason for the mutual relationship is that it is much less likely prostitutes and gay men would be judgemental. Some see this as empathy, which it is partly, but once out of the mainstream value system, you are not subjected to the same pressures to conform, you are free to disagree with accepted moral standards and notions of respectability. I can say I respect and admire sex workers, it’s not really a big surprise coming from me, there isn’t the same pressure on me as a gay man to condemn, they think I’m already lost.

      I know I can go all a bit soft focus sometimes, but I do try to be clear…

      hmm, Lady GaGa, tits, beautiful writing, tits, plump tits…do you understand now?

  6. P.s. GUS Van Sant is such a dick. My Own Private Idaho is one of the best representations I have seen of the ‘gay whore’ and then he goes and pretends he never made it, and reinvents himself as a Respectable Gay

  7. Mark says:

    Paolo: But these days it’s often same cream, same hole.

    QRG: I suspect that Van Sant was faking it in both films.

  8. at least River Phoenix wasn’t faking it. I know he is an actor and all, but I believed him!

  9. rustyscruff says:

    Is anyone going to mention that I said Jesus was gay? Fuck me, this lot are supposed to be clever…

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