Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Foucault’s daughter has issues with trust and so do I.

One of the things we don’t trust in people is that they won’t just disappear and leave us. So sometimes we find ourselves trailing after people, tapping them on the shoulder, pinching them to check they are still there.

It annoys us. We find ourselves somehow pathetic.

She/I need to learn to trust that people, on the whole, the ones we share things in common with and the ones we reach out to, will probably stick around. They don’t have to keep standing in front of us with a big massive placard with the words


written in red paint.

They just want to do their thing and be part of the world with us in it too and that’s how it is.

Trust me. I know this much.

*But occasionally that placard would be much appreciated…

  1. rusty scruff says:

    Sometimes that placard keeps me awake, like now. And sometimes it’s written in a language that I don’t understand. Trust is hard.

  2. HMM says:

    if only the photons were as constant as that placard.

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