The Art Of Manliness

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Masculinities, Uncategorized
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I have discovered the art of manliness and so can you, chaps!

This wonderfully ‘retro’ blog on how to be a real man, a distinguished man, who trains hard, and grooms his moustache, was mentioned in an article in Newsweek, about the need for the ‘New Macho’ in America. Mark Simpson, our ever-trusted Next-ro-sexual Pioneer, demolished the New Macho with a flick of his expert wrist.

But I couldn’t help but be a little charmed by the concept of ‘the art of manliness’, particularly because there was something delightfully ‘fey’ about it. Whilst the blog is obviously extolling men to become more macho, less effeminate, to train hard with medicine balls, to learn wilderness survival techniques and to take no more shit off women, it was also seeming to do so in the style of an Edwardian gentleman, coming home from the hunt for a whiskey and quick round of buggery with the boys before dinner.

Here are its words of advice on how to stop seeking women’s approval:

Once you become more masculine in your relationship with women—and lose the need for their approval—you’ll begin to see how this new man has a place in all areas of your life. And it’s not about pissing off people. You don’t have to be inconsiderate to be the man you want to be, to stop being a pleaser, though some people around you may feel you’re being a jerk. That’s to be expected. You’re changing the game on them. No one likes that, especially insecure (and therefore controlling) people, like, perhaps, your wife.

What are you waiting for boys? If you become more ‘masculine’ some people around you may feel you’re being a ‘jerk’ and insecure controlling people, like, er, women, will feel threatened by your newfound assertiveness. But that means you’re doing it right.

Man-Up, Men! And don’t forget your brylcreem.

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  1. The art of manliness, eh? Interesting. Have you seen this yet?

  2. I have and I am not very enamoured of it because I think it is all about getting over being a ‘bad man’. A redemption kind of project. Very evangelical.

    A lot of the discourse on men and masculinity seems to be very reactive to feminism.
    so either like the art of masculinity it is about kicking feminism into touch and reclaiming your natural manliness, or like the good men project, learning from feminism what arseholes men are and how you can change!

  3. Mark says:

    At first glance The Good Men Project seems to have an added dose of Xstianity/AA redemptive theology. Feminism and Xstianity both of course posit man as ‘bad’ and in need of redemption. Actually, you could argue that heterosexuality has been based on the notion of being ‘saved’ by the love of a Good Woman.

    That said, lots of men in the US are in a bad way.

    As for The Art of Manliess – you’re right, it is inadvertently – and as a result rather entertainngly – fey. I think that’s partly a function of the semi-ironic Edwardian images they use, but mostly the general fussiness and snobbishness of it.

    My wrists are sore. Must be all that expert flicking.

  4. rusty scruff says:

    Why? I mean WHY? Why do some think that the answer is to take us back in time? I can’t shake the feeling that The Art of Manliness is a joke, are you sure it’s real? At the end of the day, I’d rather have us just where we are now, things are not perfect, but at least I’m allowed to cry and they are not going to lorry my sister off for Nyphomania!…They’re just two examples, but I hope my drift is clear. What we need is an HONEST discussion. I’ve been reading some blogs about BDSM and rough in general, and to me it’s as clear as day they are KIDDING THEMSELVES!…I know I’ll probably get slated for this (so what else is new?), but with regard to the feminist blogs, why do we have to have all this crap about ‘power’? No one is taking your power, really. All I can see is someone who can’t handle the fact that they want a good seeing to, be it from a man or a woman. They same is true for gay blogs of a similar nature. For God’s sake just do each other! Stop referring to tops/bottoms/blah blah ‘cos let me tell you that is getting in the way of having fantastic sex, equal sex, sex that isn’t about who is more powerful, sex where you connect with someone mentally as well as physically. A mind fuck at the same time as a fuck is a very good thing.

    Phew! Drifted a bit there, yes. We can’t go back, we’re not going back. Why is it taking so long for us to get to know each other? Partly, I blame the lingering Christian morality, the ‘sex is dirty’, ‘sex is wrong’ school of thought. I’ll tell you about that sort of person, THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR BLOODY MINDS! Honestly, they are. Going back to a time of sexual repression when both sexes were guilt ridden and ashamed will not make men more manly or women more womanly, it never did, it was just an illusion. What is ‘manly’ anyway? The same for ‘womanly’? Are we not just the same under all this crap? Of course we are! As I’ve belived for a very long time, underneath ‘gender’ and ‘roles’ and all that kind of crap, there’s not a lot of difference between men and women, our urges, need, wants, they’re all the same. We’re animals, apes with no fur. Don’t kid youselves otherwise.

  5. Stoner With A Boner says:

    I’ve read a few of his articles….

    The obsession with the past is kind of bad. He seems to look at the bygone era as somehow being “better” while ironically using technology/the internet to publish his ideas… He never mentions the “bad” stuff. I think his obsession with facial hair has to do with a backlash against metrosexuality. His “booklist” seems to be stuck in the 1950’s. He doesn’t really talk about how things have gotten better and how there is even more freedom for men in some ways. He is telling men to be “real men” in the oldschool view. He is not helping them be better men. He is telling them to “man up” which seems to me another way of ignoring your feelings and needs to reach (hate using this term) socially acceptable hegemonic masculinity. If there is ANYTHING feminism can give men, that would be greater flexibility and an escape from traditional masculinity.

    I did like one think he wrote on working out. He talks about parallel bar dips and pull ups. Even though these are “oldschool” excersizes, they are extremely effective. You won’t see many people doing these at the gym-too bad they are great for improving your physique. They have just fallen out of fashion for no other reason than not being super easy to do.

  6. You might like the work of Mark Simpson Stoner, if you don’t know it already. I get a feeling you might, as you sound a bit like Mark S in some of your comments!

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