Riot Grrl Loves You

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

A brief note from your resident Riot Grrl:

THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog, whether you comment on the posts or not.

THiS is an extension of, part of ME! It’ s not just words and pixels on a screen.

I  AM insipired by and touched by everyone who passes this way. Even the haterz.

I went to a gig by the Canadian band The Dears a few years back. They were having a total nightmare: most of their gear had been stolen or broken and they had to beg borrow and steal to put on the gig.

The lead singer, who is very HOT (I will find you a pic when I get a chance) explained all this and then stretched out his arms, looked at us all, in the eye and said:

‘But we’re here, and you’re here, and that is what counts’.

And then they played a blinding set that knocked us all out.

It has stayed with me that statement, and the human warmth that was conveyed on that night, despite technical difficulties and physical setbacks. It was all about people in a room. Making music and loving life.

This is our room.

I’m here and you’re here and that’s what counts.

QRG xxxxxxxxxxx

The Dears: VERY SEXY MAN SINGER (They are utterly obsessed by/influenced by The Smiths. Morrissey fans would/do love them) ….

(Life is hard. Here is someone – Amy Hempel)

  1. We’re inspired by you, too. Keep it up.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    I just want to say that although I’ve only commented once on your blog, I read it regularly and absolutely love it. You’re always able to put into words things/experiences/feelings so brilliantly, that i really admire you for it- especially as its something i can’t do that well myself.

    Quiet Riot Girl, I salute you.

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