Boxing Helena

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Jezebel have announced this piece of news:  BBC to air women’s boxing

I for one am quite delighted by this.

Not that I am a big boxing fan, but I like to see women showing that they can fight it out in the ring as much as men can. Sport is an area where ‘traditional’ stereotypes of femininity just don’t hold water.

So long as they don’t come on wearing fluffy pink dressing gowns and ridiculous gold lame tracksuits like the boys, I think these girls are going to beat the crap out of some tired old gender cliches.

  1. hmm says:

    But to what extent do facts move any of us? Sometimes we just reinterpret them, exceptionally, to fit in with
    a. our world view
    b. our desire for what the world could be, isn’t, but maybe we can make it so.

    I hate to sound like I defend an american president or take political sides in the world’s most publicized and disgusting political culture.
    But consider american conservatives: a black president is elected and you can’t deny that he’s very “white” and not at all like the radical black you thought he’d be. So you say he must have a kenyan mask, he can’t be a citizen, a “real” black american. Because it challenges your outlook.

    Liberals dismiss reactionaries as a partisan principle: so they dismiss EVERYTHING, even the rare nuggets of truth, that reactionaries espouse.

    Pornography: a young woman (like Traci Lords) is discovered to be in the porn business, using her body, making money, succeeding above everyone. Reaction: regulate porn more thoroughly, to prevent victims and abuse.
    Extreme porn: the subs state that they like it, everyone can see they aren’t harmed in any permanent way. Feminists cry, “it’s IDEOLOGICAL HARM”, “it’s symbolic degradation which devalues all people and values bullies”.

    I overheard a nerdy, fumbling, pompous liberal professor lecturing to an undergraduate the other day about Chomsky’s idea that those in power seek to prevent reform that benefits the powerless, even if it doesn’t really harm the privilege of the already powerful, because they have to avoid the “threat of the good example”. If somebody succeeds at subverting order, others may see it and push even farther.

    I’m sure you WILL hear liberals talk about how female boxing on the telly threatens to make women seem “fair game” for abusive lovers and relatives and police, reducing their respect and their protection. I’m sure you’ll hear reactionaries speak of how they’re unfeminine and scary to straight men.

    In fact, the notion that this is liberating is dubious, because it comes from an expectation about that liberation.
    It’s a chance to encourage women to be more physically assertive, to demonstrate that women are tough and deserve all the martial respect of any military blowhard male or corporate poseur.
    But it’s also a chance to enjoy some vicarious bloodlust among half naked young women. Who is to say that is a potential drawback or a “price to pay” for female athleticism?
    It just means one values “equality among difference”, a dubious proposition, not only among the unruly mob of society but mathematically, algebraically.

    We’re all sinners of pride when it comes to presumptive judgment. And, QRG, in my book, you just made the cut.

    Don’t take it too seriously, though. In the ledger of my book, I myself made the cut a long time ago.

  2. I think I made the cut a long time ago, too, Hmm. Thanks for your comment!

    I agree I doubt women’s boxing on TV is a revolution. But I am still glad it is out there.

  3. hmm says:

    How much can verbosity substitute for physical assertiveness?

    I just ran across black american comedienne Sheryl Underwood, and she BOXES with her MOUTH !

    But she’s big and tough too.

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