Slash The President

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Slashfic, Uncategorized

I saw this fetching photo on Marbury’s blog:

…and my mind was filled with all sorts of  delectably disturbing ideas.

Now I am well aware that eroticising power is not necessarily a revolutionary act, as Foucault warned me back in 1974 (‘Aren’t we witnessing beginnings of a re-eroticization of power, taken to a pathetic, ridiculous extreme?…’).  But there is something kind of hot isn’t there, in imagining the sparks that might fly if these two behemoths of American culture and politics got it on? There is, isn’t there? Go on admit it.

  1. Peter Risdon says:

    Well, not for me. You do have a thing about male homosexuality, don’t you? Interesting, in that I categorised you as sub when I started reading. I suspect that categorisation was simplistic or wrong.

  2. I think we all have a thing about male homosexuality, Peter. I just like to get my thing out in the open…

    Oh and all categorisations are simplistic…

  3. JenniferRuth says:

    Yeah, I see it 🙂 Oh, go on – write it!

    Peter – I think many straight women have a “thing” about male homosexuality in the same way straight men do about female homosexuality.

    It’s just fantasy about cock.

  4. I admit it! It’s hot central.

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