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Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rosie Swash of the Guardian has joined the fray and turned her attention to the ‘rise in homophobia’ the surge of homophobic attacks that the media says is sweeping the United States of America:

Apart from ‘gay teen suicides’, the controversy over DADT and ‘homophobic remarks’ by politicians, Ms Swash says:

‘Most shocking of all, perhaps, was the story concerning three men held hostage, assaulted and sodomised by a Bronx street gang called the Latin King Goonies as “punishment” for their perceived homosexuality ( So justifiably traumatised were America’s various news outlets by this story, even the face of Fox News, Glenn Beck, felt compelled to rail against bigotry. ‘

QRG Says: I may be mistaken, but if someone commits a sexual act on another person, without consent, and as part of a violent attack, isn’t that normally called ‘rape’? Why were these young men ‘sodomised’ rather than raped?

There is so much shit being written and broadcast in the media about homosexuality, ‘gay rights’, homophobia and violence, that I really don’t know where to start. So I am starting with good old-fashioned sodomy.  If the word ‘sodomised’ can still send a frisson of fear and disgust through the mind of a Guardian journalist, so that she can use it to imply ‘rape’, and calls it ‘the most shocking of all’, then maybe we are in even more of a fucked-up world with regards to our attitudes to homosexuality than the liberal media thinks. Maybe The Guardian actually agrees with the Christian Right  on this issue after all?

I suggest Rosie Swash and all her lovely gay-friendly friends,  take a nightflight to uranus:

  1. Rupert says:

    You could be right. Or it could just be laziness and third hand copying of specific US phrasing.
    The original NY Times article refers to them being sodomized partly because that’s the crime that the gang members were charged with – a legal differentiation between rape and sodomy.
    The queersighted post just quoted the NY Times post, and the Guardian piece in its link text quoted the queersighted post that it was linking to.
    Or you could be right 😉

  2. I thought ‘sodomy’ wasnt a crime anymore? It is still penetration without consent which I thought was rape?

    i checked the laws in new york state and this crime I believe would have been classed as sexual assault, with no reference to the term ‘sodomy’.

    • Well, I don’t know about US law (still less US States’ laws, under which this probably falls). In the UK, it was the 1995 sexual offences act that did away with “non-consensual sodomy” and replaced it with “male rape”, putting it on a par with the rest of rape law. It may or may not have been that act that legalised consensual sodomy between a man and a woman, but I don’t recall exactly when that law was passed.

  3. Of course, the original “sodomy” in the Bible was intended gang rape by the people of Sodom (Sodomites) of a visitor in their city, so in that sense I suppose the usage is correct – in fact, pretty close to the original scenario! But of course, that’s not what we understand by sodomy these days.

    I think there is a sense though of that particular thing left over: I think “sodomise” does seem to be used more often in a negative, rape-y sense than “buggery” – or maybe that’s just my impression and not actually true.

  4. yes the word sodomise is used to shock I think, and as a result of being shocked. Its a kind of reflex action. Oh no! sodomy! It is funny in one sense but also depressing. That a word relating to such a meaning is still deemed shocking. Its just a dick in an ass or anything else in an ass. A red hot poker maybe!

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