Loving Sylvia

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I hoped someone would transcribe  and upload Last Letter, the recently released poem by Ted Hughes about Sylvia Plath’s death.


I love that this person is a genuine fan of Plath. I am a fan too, and The Bell Jar, her novel written as a young woman still in America, also affected me very deeply.  Plath’s legacy for me is that in writing so clearly, as clear as crystal glass, about the turmoil of her inner life, she has left us with insights and understandings that help us go on living, and living better. She both inspires me to write and terrifies and intimidates me as a writer.

Can you see why?


Sadly, due to the nature of her death, and the literary status of her husband, and the crusade by feminists to lay the blame for her death at the feet of that husband, presenting him as a symbol of ‘patriarchy’, Plath’s memory will always be in shadow. But I will forever see her as a bright star; I look up often and she sheds light on the darkness.

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