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Nothing is fundamental. That is what is so interesting in the analysis of society. That is why nothing irritates me as much as these inquiries – which are by definition meptaphysical – on the foundations of power in a society or the self-institution of a society, etc. These are not fundamental phenomena. There are only reciprocal relations, and the perpetual gaps between intentions in relation to one another.’

Michel Foucault. (1991). ‘Space, Knowledge and Power’. In Paul Rabinow, (ed.), The Foucault Reader. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin, p. 247.

Foucault was right.

Nothing is fundamental.

No thing is.

Nothing irritates me as much

As these metaphysical inquiries

Into opposing phenomena:

Good versus evil.

Gay versus Straight

Atheism versus Idiocy.

What is so interesting

About the power of  binaries-

these institutions of the self?

Society has no foundations.

Knowledge is a cracked pavement

Hovering in space.

That is why

I am falling, falling

Through the perpetual gaps between intentions,

In reciprocal relation to




  1. I enjoyed this meditation on binaries.

  2. thanks Caroline. I love your poetry. I am a bit sporadic and lazy in mine.

    It would be lovely to feature a guest post from you here. If you have any writings on sex/gender/identity you’d like to share let me know!


  3. Mark says:

    I hope you don’t fall too far, QRG. We need you to interrogate those binaries!

  4. Michel will catch me just in time; he always does.

  5. Thanks! Would love to share. Just let me know what you had in mind. You can just email me at the email listed here in the comment box.

    • tbelfield says:

      i am not sure Foucault would think of himself as a “post-modernist”. i am not sure i do. he could possibly be a modernist actually in the sense which he took modernity to be- and that was now, the present. but i do like your meditations on Foucault. hope to see more of those.

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