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Which image of Feminism appeals to you the most? I am wondering what life might have been like if the middle, most scary one hadn’t happened at all… and, I think this is where the artist may have got the idea for the last image…

  1. Panty Buns says:

    It’s difficult for me to reconcile the complexity of the personality, intellect and quest for strength in the face of real adversity that Frida Kahlo seemed to possess and her self-portrait (on the left) with pre-feminism.

    Neither do I identify the cum-splattered face of the woman pictured on the right as somehow being post-feminist. Perhaps that’s because I don’t think feminism is dead, but rather that the term “feminism”, while oft misused, misunderstood, still applies to a struggle for equal rights and privileges for women that will continue, even if underground, for millenniums. None of this is intended to imply that the woman with a face full of cum could not have been a feminist, but she does appear to be portrayed in what is more often than not a male fantasy than a woman’s fantasy.

    Therefore if i had to choose one of the three photos it would be the photo labeled “feminism” by process of elimination because I can imagine her seemingly angry and aghast facial expression being a response to the way women’s rights have been being stripped away rather than re-affirmed at the same time that people in the vanguard of wanting to strip those rights away are presenting themselves as feminists.

    Was the “pre-feminist” – “feminist” – “post-feminist” sequence intended sarcastically, as a wry statement, as a thought provoker, or other? They could all, in actuality be representative of facets of feminism depending oon one’s definitions, don’t you think?

    • I don’t know how it was intended, it was part of a project commissioned by a UK feminist organisation (see the link in the post) for artists to design postcards based around the concept of ‘feminism’. The woman in the middle, Germaine Greer, is a well-known feminist from Australia who is based in the UK. So I find the image of her more loaded with meaning.

      I think my favourite image is the one of Frida Khalo.

  2. As a thing of beauty: Khalo’s self-portrait
    As a force to be reckoned with: Germaine Greer
    As a sign of changing times and why feminists mustn’t stagnate in sexual conservatism: cum-covered Bukkake girl
    I’d rather see Furry Girl completing the tryptich though. I was eating a tuna salad when Bukkake girl’s vis came up and it put me off slightly – I do like other porn though.

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