The Notebook Diaries #12 Analogue

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Writing

‘Romance is analogue, and so very last century’ -Mark Simpson

This notebook* was intended to bring an ‘analogue’, ‘romantic’ element to an otherwise internet-based project.  For me, it has become much more moving and romantic than I thought it would. Partly due to the distance the notebook has travelled (London-Paris-Canada-Manchester), but also the sheer honesty of the writers involved. I genuinely believe some of these entries are things we have not told another soul. Your secrets are safe with me. Almost.

But for all this journal is anachronistic, it is also quite a radical, new and daring thing to do. Writing about sex is everywhere these days; to find an actually original format for doing it seems pretty ace to me.

I am trying to pluck up courage to ask Mr Simpson himself to contribute to this notebook**. Inspite of, or maybe because of his statement that  ‘romance is analogue and so very last century’.  I have read his writing and I think he may be the most romantic of all of us in some ways. I know for sure that he values aspects of our past that seem to be lost. Will he help us resurrect one of them?

* For anyone who doesn’t know, The notebook is an actual notebook that is a sister companion to Some of the writers from GPP have contributed to the notebook. I send it to the writers and they read the other pieces, write in it and then return it to me.  It is filling up fast and is full of wonderful stories. I am going to post this on Mark S’s blog. If any of his other regular readers see it and would be interested in contributing, please let me know. I am terrified of overseas mail services, but they have not let me down yet!

** Of course, Mark is already in the notebook, albeit indirectly:

  1. and, if anyone else sees this and wants to contribute shout here!

  2. P.s. It really is a fucking good read. I’d love to read all the entries in one go for the first time. I am biased. But I am a very proud momma editor.

  3. danholloway says:

    I’d love to contribute

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