Fag End

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I would love to be cast in an old musical, as

One of Marlene Dietrich’s cigarettes

Shivering with pleasure as her slim, handsome fingers

Reached in slowly, pulling me from the packet.

I would linger languidly on that brief, exquisite moment

Of anticipation, before she put me to her glistening lips,

Picked up her lighter (shining, phallic, silver)

And breathed me in, setting fire to my tip.

I long to find myself inside that luscious mouth

Of hers,  while she sucked on my shaft-  the  perfect drag.

How special I would feel, the glowing appendage,

Forgetting for a while I was just a plain old fag.

But oh my ecstasy would be  deliciously short-lived-

My passion consumed by her need for a fix

I’d be sucked dry, burned down, stubbed out-

Extinguished by the glare of the dazzling Dietrich.

The next stick in line would be ready, and taught

Marlene inhaling, and blowing again

I’d watch from the ashtray as the smoke wafted by-

Back to my role as a used-up fag end.

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