The Notebook Diaries #10 The Men and The Girl

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Writing

The notebook is still locked away. I am there with it, locked up, unread, hiding.

I started this project for the sake of writing, and bringing to life something I mainly do online. Not that I don’t write in longhand. The bringing to life bit is the interactive, human aspect of sharing my words with other, real, live writers. Meeting someone in a pub for the first time, and thrusting the notebook into his unsuspecting hands. Sending it over the sea to a lovely woman in France. Returning to my thing I’ve had for so long about Canada. I drew a map of Canada, oh Canada, with your face sketched on it twice.

But the sexual aspect has crept in inevitably. I say ‘crept’. It was always there, stamped blatantly (if invisibly) on the cover of the notebook. The people whose words I have most wanted to read have been men. Men whose minds I have wanted to unravel, whose bodies I have imagined, in sections, pieces. Cock. Shoulders. Feet.  Though slightly narcissistically I have wondered more about their reaction to my body. One or two of them, our bodies have come into contact, cushioned and protected by clothes, and etiquette.

Maybe I should have just fucked you.

  1. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say I have enjoyed your writing style over the past month or so, Quiet Riot Girl. Quite an enjoyable breath of fresh air. Keep it up!

  2. Chris- Thank-you! These notebook diaries have helped me to open up my writing I think. I am delighted someone has appreciated my endeavours. It is part of a bigger, collaborative project called that will be launched in September!

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me you are reading!!

  3. Karl James says:

    Loving your writing. Long and short. Deep and light. Hard core and softer. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Karl that means a lot!
    I am pleased people have even bothered to read these notebook entries. They feel very much like a private journal, that I just happen to post online!

  5. Karl James says:

    Yes – I drift from that mode to one that’s more like broadcast. I guess, as someone I interviewed recently would say: it’s all allowed.

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