Touch Me, I’m Sick

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Touch Me, I’m Sick  By Mudhoney

This is to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all my readers, new and not so new, especially those who leave wonderful comments and chat to me online.

It is also to say a big FUCK YOU to all the feminists who tell me and my friends we are not proper feminists, and we are ‘sick’ and ‘vile’ just for being who we are and believing in what we believe in. I’d rather be sick than be you!

  1. This is why I am called Quiet Riot GRRL !!

  2. KimBooSan says:

    *cheers* I was just ranted to the other day by a fellow feminist who had been raked over the coals by other feminists because her life choices weren’t, I guess, “radical” or feminist enough for them. FUCK THEM. Me and my girl, we ARE feminists and no one has the right to say we aren’t! Since when did feminism pick up The Morality Police?

    What is sick and vile is turning on your fellow activist sisters just because they don’t run on the same treadmill you do! boooooooo!!!!

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