Celebrating the female gaze

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Feminism, Porn

I went to the first birthday party of Filament Magazine last night. It felt like walking into another dimension.


Filament is ‘The quarterly women’s magazine inspired by the rocket science that women have brains and eyes’. It includes articles, photography, stories. And pictures of naked men! I heard about it only last week, from a friend who writes for them. It is a labour of love: they can’t afford to pay contributors yet. When I talked to some erotica writers I know they said, oh it seems to be a great idea but it lacks distribution. Well. The editor spoke last night and she said they are constantly approaching women’s sex shops and very few will stock it. So it is ok to buy some furry handcuffs and a rabbit, but not the material that you can fantasise to while you are using them. Love honey and Shhh! got special mentions at the party because they do get it, and they do promote the mag.

And what a party it was. My experience of watching stripping is virtually nil. I have seen a couple of circus/burlesque acts. I am bored already with women taking their kit off, I don’t need to see it, our culture is saturated with the idea. But last night was different. Last night the sexy, cute, funny bodies dancing and removing their clothes to the music were male. Most of them were. One was female, but she was in such good drag I thought she was a bloke at first. I was transfixed.

But the most amazing thing about the night was the atmosphere. I looked around and saw loads of women, and some men. There was this sense that the men were enjoying being the objects of attention. I had some lovely smiles from guys that just looked happy to be there, appreciated by women who love men. It was like a hetero nightclub turned on its head. But the women weren’t groping the men’s arses and slurring their words, and saying, ‘wanna dance luv’. We were humane, happy, physical people, having a good time.

I think I am in love.

  1. This sounds fantastic – thanks for the heads-up. It’s also great to see Love Honey are supporting it. I’ve bought things from them before but this news inspires some real brand loyalty in me. 🙂

  2. It was a wonderful night! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you’re enthused by what Filament are trying to do.

    The atmosphere was special, you’re totally right. It felt to me as if we were in an illicit, underground club where everyone was thrilled to be enjoying something the rest of the world disapproved of or hadn’t yet cottoned on to. It was like a speakeasy but the prohibition we were flouting wasn’t on alcohol but female desire and the female gaze. Fabulous stuff.

    Also, LoveHoney rock, yes! And they always deliver so fast!

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