Posted: May 29, 2010 in Porn, Writing
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I have recently been in receipt of some mindblowing academic porn. I am open to all sorts of methods and media for turning me on. But nothing beats a full-on, intellectual analysis of my favourite topic of enquiry: sex.

I have come over all Dr. Ross of Scrubs fame, because I want to have sex with these ideas, this argument; it makes me want to cheat on all the other ideas and arguments I  have been dating all these years.

We live in anti-intellectual times. We live in very prescriptive, censorious times. Our bodies and minds are not respected as the beautiful, free, intelligent organs that they are and could be.

So writing and thinking about, and analysing sex has the potential to be a revolutionary act.

Except for one small detail.

If we don’t actually fuck, this whole subject becomes completely academic.

  1. Brilliant post. Witty too. I’ve cheated on a number of philosophical ideas myself. *blush*

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