Questionnaire for potential dominants

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Kink
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1. Are you single? If yes, go to q3. If no, go to q2.

2. Are you and your partner(s) open and honest about the fact you see other people? If yes go to q3. If no, go away.

3. Are you a feminist, or at least an ally of feminism? If yes, go to q4. If no, fuck off.

4. Do you believe we should be making kinky spaces and erotica that is accessible to everyone, including men and women, cis and transgender and gender-non conforming people, LGBQ people, and people from all ethnic origins? If yes go to q5. If no, go and educate yourself.

5. Would you ever consider switching during play or during a relationship? i.e. from D to S, from Top to Bottom? If yes, go to q6. If no, grow a pair.

6. Do you like any or all of Bitchy Jones, Girl with a one track mind, Michel Foucault, Stephen Elliot, Anais Nin, Sappho, Filthy Gorgeous Things, The Piano Teacher, Hoxton Honey? If yes, go to  q7. If no, go and explore.

7. Do you agree with Judith Butler that gender is performance? If yes, go to q8. If no, go to the back of the class. If ‘who is Judith Butler’? just go, and don’t come back till you know the answer.

8. Do you practice safe sex, take responsibility for and talk about contraception with your playmates and partners? If yes, go to q9. If no, get with the programme!

9. Do you think fucktheory is the best thing on the internet since If yes go to q10. If no, we need to talk. If  ‘what is fucktheory’? it is this:

10. So are you going to buy me a drink then?

  1. Sana says:

    excellent! loved #4 & #7!

  2. Gentleman Satyr says:

    Okay, I’ll play.

    1. I am autonomous and sometimes feel alone in my head, but am also in multiple relationships. Guess it depends how you define single. I’ll say no and go to q2.

    2. Yes, with all partners

    3. I believe that all genders, gender identities and sexual orientations are equally deserving of respect and equal treatment under the law. I do not believe that men and women are identical except for their plumbing, as my radical identify feminist bitch step mother did.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes

    6. Can’t say I like them but I don’t know any of them enough to dislike them either.

    7. Yes

    8. Duh.

    9. Hadn’t seen it before but it looks pretty good. Thanks for the link.

    10. What’re you having?

  3. @Gentleman Satyr Good answers! I won’t ask you anymore about your radical feminist bitch step mother but I don’t think men and women or women and other women for that matter, are identical either!

  4. Ha, excellent! You should put it on Informed Consent and document the replies.

    • Haha. I am an exile from IC. I have been, not surprised, but constantly interested by how, in the big nasty outside world beyond the kink ‘community’ I have found more acceptance and comradeship than I ever did within its hallowed walls ; )

  5. Scheherezade says:

    Great questionnaire, I could use that almost verbatim.

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